Thursday, September 29, 2011

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My bedtime routine now involves the bouncy chair to squeeze any remaining energy out which enables me to sleep for 13 hours. Sweet relief for Mom and Dad!

The Vo Family gave me a great collection of band onesies so now I'm learning to appreciate the music of my parent's generation.

Back to School

Hanging out in my swing chair
Exercising my legs in the bouncer

No way Daddy...that is for pots and pans not cute babies

Wow Betty, you are way bigger than Scout!

Getting a ride to the kitchen for breakfast in Rockport where we spent out last weekend before Mommy went back to school

5 months with Mommy not going to school was a good run. Now Miss Sara takes care of me during the day.

Miss Sara is a retired elementary teacher who lives across the street. She keeps me busy and writes down all of my activities. I'll find a picture of Miss Sara to post soon.

I drool all the time so this bib from Dave and Mabel comes in very handy.

The temperature reached 100 degrees everyday in August so my pool got a lot of use. Cousin Hannah used to swim in this pool when she was younger. Thanks Grandma and Grandpa Smith!

Mommy is training for a half marathon so we get up and run early to beat the heat.

Hanging out at the lake while Scout fetches tennis balls

Miss Sara is teaching me to use measuring cups


I toss and turn when I sleep just like Daddy. They find me in all sorts of strange positions.

One day they even found me sitting up. They didn't know I could do that on my own.

Facing off with Peter Rabbit

Sporting a pink ribbon on my head to go with my Pink Floyd onesie

Helping Mommy open up one of her birthday presents and Scout sniffs hoping for treats.

Mommy's new guitar. I love to listen to her play. Scout is still sniffing around for treats.

I know where to go to find the good toys

Pink doggie is a favorite

Learning how to make sounds with a spoon and a pot

Sitting up by the toy bin

Mommy was writing a paper for school so Daddy took me to the farm auction. I was the only girl there and all the rough and tough farmers melted when I smiled at them.

Hanging out in the shade of a huge Sycamore tree waiting to bid on our items.