Saturday, April 30, 2011

Laying Down, Sitting and Standing

Laying on the couch in Aunt Jan's quilt
Laying on Mom's lap with my cheeks squished up

Laying on the new rug that Mom got for me to crawl on at the cottage

Laying in the swing in my favorite position with my arms behind my head

Sitting on the floor looking at black and white objects

Sitting on the floor in my room with Scout

Someone is teaching me bad habits of sitting on the kitchen counters

I wish I knew how to photoshop Dad's arm out of this shot

For brief moments I can stand...maybe lean is more accurate

My first tears

Who knew that with all the crying I do on a daily basis it would take almost 2 months to produce my first actual tear drop? By the way...if I end up in Ann Arbor at UofM 18 years from now I will look back on this picture with pride :)

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Play Ball

Mom and Dad didn't let me get in the way of continuing their tradition of going to Opening Day of Astros baseball...I am a good travel companion.

Take me out to the ballgame. Take me out with the crowds.
Buy me some peanuts and cracker jacks. I don't care if I ever get back.

Let me root root root for the home team.

If they don't win its a shame

For its one, two, three strikes your out

At the old ball game!

Uncle Matt flew in this same weekend so we had to go back for a second game since I did so well at Opening Day. We took a tour of the ball park and got to sit in President Bush and Barbara Bush's personal seats behind home plate...but only to watch batting practice and then it was back to the cheap seats for us.

After 2 baseball games, an overnight trip to the farm, a crawfish boil and a walk around the lake playing fetch with Scout we were exhausted. It was a really fun weekend with Uncle Matt!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Hoekert's Spring Break

Aunt Melissa, Uncle Brad, Hannah, Nora and Dawson took a few days during their spring break trip to come and visit. Here Aunt Melissa chops up her special salsa for the salmon dinner they cooked for us.

And since they were on vacation Uncle Brad was working the shaker for Margaritas...on the rocks of course :)

Ah yeah...this girl gets her license in a few months so I cuddled up in hopes of securing a ride or two this summer.

Dawson was very interested in me and even took time out from playing to feed me

He was very gentle while holding me up while using the bobby pillow for some extra support.

Nora is a star at holding me and posing for the camera at the same time. I have a feeling she will baby sit me down the road.

I got to spend a lot of time being held so Mommy could sleep in and get some extra rest.

Hurray for cousins!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Aunty A and Tia Visit

Aunty A and Tia came to visit me after Hama and Hapa left. Get a good look at Tia because she was beind the camera for the rest of the pictures. Thanks for taking all these pictures of me Tia!

This joke about Lion King and Simba was lost on me since I haven't watched any Disney movies yet.
I was in good hands with Aunty A holding and kissing me

Tia took a lot of pictures of me and all of my fun expressions. Here I am sleeping with arms up.

A moment of peaceful sleep.

Crashed out on Mom's shoulder.

I open up my eyes a lot more.

But I still sleep most of the time. My red eye lids are starting to fade.

Everyone loves my squishy cheeks

Learning my hand signals. This is either I Love You or Hook em Horns.

I'm fast asleep in Dad's arms

We went for a walk around the lake with the Baby Bjorn and Tia and Auntie A threw the ball for Scout

After a day of walks and excitement I got my bath before bed

I really like it when they pour warm water over me

I must be doing something cute if there are so many cameras taking picture of me

Yep...I'm in a milk coma drooling on Mom's shoulder

Out for a walk with Mom and Dad looking for blue bonnets

I better get used to this shot as all kids in Texas get dragged out the blue bonnet fields in March for pictures.

This is a fun one of Scout. He has taken to drinking in order to fall asleep with all my squeeks and cries at night. He is a good dog.