Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Getting settled in at home and exploring the neighborhood

Hapa arrives soon after Hama to hang out with me

After cleaning the garage and doing chores he would sit and keep me company

Sophia the cat and I are about the same size for now but she is still hesitant about me and all my crying.

9 days old and I have a social security number already. I got a piece of junk mail 2 days later. I wonder how long it will take to get a credit card offer :)

Dad and I enjoying some peace and quiet on the couch.

3 generations of flowers. Hama got flowers for her birthday. Mom got flowers from Grandma and Grandpa Smith and I got flowers made out of burb rags from Debbie and Ralph

If you have seen the TV show Raising Hope you will understand this joke about dropping me off at the fire station.

Back at home I love sitting with Mom and Scout. He is alwasy close by keeping an eye on me.

Celebrating St. Patrick's day and the first day of the NCAA basketball tournement on the deck at the local sports bar. It was not a good showing for my first MSU b-ball game.

Cleaning up after a night on the town celebrating St. Patricks Day. I am a quarter Irish and Mom could finally drink!

High five to Buc-ee Beaver! My first road trip turned into a great outing as we stopped at Buc-ees which is the greatest gas station chain in Texas.

Dad practices advanced burping technique at my newborn photo shoot. I was pretty cute and can't wait to show off my pictures.

Here we are enjoying family time. Mom feeds me while Dad updates the blog.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A busy first week

Who will visit me today?
I just love spending time with Grandpa and Grandma Smith

Grandma holds me as I model my new Hawaiian hat that Aunt Laura Lynn made for me

Arms up! Grandpa and I are doing our exercises

Hama shows up on Saturday and can't wait to get her hands on me

She doesn't even put me down for dinner. I think she really likes me a lot!

Staring at Mom after I threw up on her.

Playing with my new tummy time mat from Rita

My first diaper blow out. Yuck!

I am so content sleeping the afternoon away

My due date was on Hama's b-day but I came a week early so I was able to attend the birthday bash. Pecan pie from Goode and Co. is the best!

I got Hama a massage just in case her shoulders get sore from holding me so much

Sitting indian style in my bouncy seat
Rocking out my new sunglasses from Dani

Hama and Mom make sure the water is the perfect temperature for my first bath

Ah that feels good to get cleaned up

Dad takes his turn scrubbing my pits

Dad likes to come home at lunch to hang out with me and has a hard time going back to the office

My first smile! :)

Sunday, March 13, 2011

My first days at home

One more blood test from my heel assured the doctor that I was healthy enough to head home

Dad carefully strapped me into my car seat for the short drive home

Scout and Lucy were the first to greet me when I arrived

Scout was very curious about me and all the noises that I make

After a good night sleep Mom put me into my pink monkey outfit with my new hat

I had a check up at my pediatrician that first morning. The nurse took my temperature and I showed my displeasure by pooping on Dad.

Mom does such a good job of calming me down and getting me to sleep

Grandpa and Grandma Smith took me out for my first walk in the stroller

Scout and Lucy hang out while Mom burps me after breakfast

Dad thought it was pretty funny how I draped myself over Mom's shoulder

Dad bundled me up in the stroller and took me out for a walk with Scout so Mom could take a nap

Mom and I pose by the flower beds that Dad and Grandpa prepped and planted while I was at the hospital.

Scout keeps a close eye on me in my bouncy chair

My first puke

Fast asleep in my bassinet

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

My Birthday

Mom is all packed up and ready to go to the hospital

Posing for pictures in the parking garage of the hospital

At 7pm we were all checked into the delivery suite ready for the action to start

6 hours into labor and Mom is still smiling

Here is my heartbeat and contraction pattern

After hours of labor and pushing I was stuck and not making enough progress. Mom's temp was rising and my heart rate was too fast so the doctor said I would have to be delivered by c-section

My first picture with our amazing OB GYN Dr. Sinicori. I was 7 lbs 12 oz, 21 inches long and born at 7:18am.

Our first family photo

While I was the only one born that night there were a lot born the day before so there were a bunch of other babies in the nursery that morning.

After a few hours Mom was finally able to hold me in her arms and it was a long time before she put me down or let anyone else hold me.

Aunt Barry was my first visitor

Grandma Smith jumped on the first flight when she heard that Mom was in labor and arrived before I was 8 hours old

It wasn't hard for me to make this guy smile :)

Dad got initiated into the poopy diaper club right away

Me with Mom and Grandma and Grandpa

There is no other place I want to be

I opened my eyes and saw my beautiful Mom for the first time

I like to hold one arm up by my face

I love my Mom so very much

Most of the time I am quiet as a mouse

And once in a while I let everyone know that I'm here

Dad loves to rock me to sleep

In my hospital crib with my giraffe for another hour or two of sleep

Mom was more mobile the next day and actually got to wear real clothes instead of the hospital gown. She tried out her nursing blanket while we had visitors

Hanging out with Mom and Dad