Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Easter 2012

We packed a picnic and headed out for Easter lunch 
 Daddy picked me and Mommy some flowers from the field
Here I am with Mommy 
Here Mommy you can have my flowers too 
 Enjoying lunch with Daddy
 No Daddy you can't have any more of my crackers
I am really excited about my Easter basket 
I got a bunny from Grandma, a Mr. Potato Head bubble blower, plastic eggs, peanut butter eggs, a carrot made of reese pieces and a 4 square bouncy ball 
Seriously, I can eat these?
Rough housing with Daddy after we both had too much candy.

Bluebonnet Pictures

 Every child in Texas is obligated to get pictures taken in a field of bluebonnets each spring.

Monday, May 14, 2012

My first year in review

 3 days old in Grandpa's hands
 1st day at home and I meet my best bud Scout
 Staring out the window from the green chair at one month
 Sleeping in the pink blanket that Aunt Angela made for me at one month
 Scout rarely left my side when I was this young
 He would make sure I was clean
 He would curl up next to me when I cried and was only comfortable laying on a pillow on my stomach 
 2 months in the green chair
2 months in my swing chair
 3 months.  Sleeping on Mommy
 4 months in the new blue chair at the cottage
 Grabbing my toes at 4 months
 Scout stopped playing in the river long enough to come and get our picture taken
 5 months and we were back in Texas with the green chair

I was starting to army crawl 
6 months in the green chair 
Mommy's favorite picture of me in my bear hat. 
I learned to use my hands to grab and poor Scout lost a lot of fur before I learned to be gentle when I pet him.
 7 months in the green chair
 Optical illusions make it appear that I'm standing
 Scout started to steer clear of me by this point and had to be bribed for this picture.
At 8 months I started to climb into boxes and baskets 
At 9 months I set up my office by the front door so I could watch the world go by 
 I became an avid reader and could turn pages by myself at 10 months
 I could feed myself all sorts of fun foods by 11 months
And I learned how to walk! 
 I would take rides in my wagon
Scout would even come around a little more now that I learned how to pet and not grab
 366 days with the leap year, 862 naps, 2,148 nursings and bottles, 4,383 diaper changes...ahhh who is counting?  I'm one year old!!!
I didn't want to get my hands dirty at first so I went in face first 
I realized I could get more cake in my mouth by using my hands.  

Learning bad habits at the dinner table

Daddy taught me how to mimic Rudy Huxtable and her hot dog chant

Quinn's weekly chair pictures

 1 Week
 2 Weeks
4 Weeks
 5 Weeks
 6 Weeks
 7 Weeks
 8 Weeks
9 Weeks
 10 Weeks
 11 Weeks
 12 Weeks
 13 Weeks
We came up to the cottage and found the same chair with a different fabric
 14 Weeks
 15 Weeks

18 Weeks
After we went back to Texas Mommy and Daddy got busy and forgot to take chair pictures on a regular basis