Sunday, August 7, 2011

Summer in Michigan

Daddy drove the 20 hours from Houston to Michigan with Scout and the cats and Mommy braved my first airplane ride by herself. They are still debating who got the better deal.
35,000 far so good. A few moments of discontent, a dirty diaper but for the most part I just slept.

Sleeping at Grandma and Grandpa Smith's in the nursery they set up just for me.

My cousin Sophia bought me this blue dog so I had a toy to play with when I arrived.

My 1st boat ride courtesy of Dave and Mabel on Brooks Lake. I loved it!

Playing in my new activity chair

Same chair, same pose but 1 month later. Is it me or is my head getting bigger?

My smile and giggles are a regular occurance now

My favorite toy of the summer was this beaver from Hapa Wearing glasses is at risk with me around now that I learned how to grab and hold tight.

No better place to take a quick snooze after lunch

Awwww :)

I learned to hold my own bottle

Posing with my buddy Scout on my 4 month birthday

Tummy time. I'm not a big fan and am trying to master the art of rolling over.

Ah that is better. Plus I can grab my feet now and put my toes in my mouth.

Enjoying a puppet show at the Grand Rapids Childrens Museum with Aunt Melissa and my cousins Nora and Dawson.

I love my mommy!

I got to meet Great Grandpa Smith this summer

Hanging out on Aunt Melissa's patio

Sporting my sun bonnet back at the cottage.

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