Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Easter 2012

We packed a picnic and headed out for Easter lunch 
 Daddy picked me and Mommy some flowers from the field
Here I am with Mommy 
Here Mommy you can have my flowers too 
 Enjoying lunch with Daddy
 No Daddy you can't have any more of my crackers
I am really excited about my Easter basket 
I got a bunny from Grandma, a Mr. Potato Head bubble blower, plastic eggs, peanut butter eggs, a carrot made of reese pieces and a 4 square bouncy ball 
Seriously, I can eat these?
Rough housing with Daddy after we both had too much candy.


  1. Oh my goodness these photos are TOO CUTE!! Great captions as always :) I think my favorite is the "daddy you can't have more of my crackers" photo...just the way you two are looking at each other is so sweet!

  2. She's SO CUTE!! Love the photo of Dave & Quinn looking at each other. Who made the crazy quilt in the background? Looks like one that we got from Geri Deuling when Shelby was born. :) Love you guys!!