Saturday, April 30, 2011

Laying Down, Sitting and Standing

Laying on the couch in Aunt Jan's quilt
Laying on Mom's lap with my cheeks squished up

Laying on the new rug that Mom got for me to crawl on at the cottage

Laying in the swing in my favorite position with my arms behind my head

Sitting on the floor looking at black and white objects

Sitting on the floor in my room with Scout

Someone is teaching me bad habits of sitting on the kitchen counters

I wish I knew how to photoshop Dad's arm out of this shot

For brief moments I can stand...maybe lean is more accurate


  1. Awesome photos!! Makes me miss her so much!! A week this summer just isn't going to be enough!

    She totally needs to be drinking out of the milk jug on the counter picture. Why not kill two birds with one stone when teaching bad habits!

    Send me the photo of her on the counter, along with one of that exact angle (without her) and I can photoshop your arm out. Though I'm not responsible for the CPS calls made for letting your less-than-two-month-old sit on the counter by herself. :) I can also put some objects in her hands to make the picture even more fun!

  2. She looks like she is doing Mr Roboto in the 2nd to last photo! Awesome.

  3. Ohhh!! She is SO cute and getting so big! And Leese: You beat me to the drinking milk out of the jug comment!! Quinn, tell your dad to find a toucan tie, and you can stage a milk chugging shot like your dad when he was little!!

    Awesome photos. Can't wait to see all of you in June. Next month - wooo!! Love you guys TONS.