Saturday, November 12, 2011

Ms. Sara

This is Ms. Sara. She is our neighbor and the best babysitter in the whole world. She takes care of me while Mommy and Daddy are at work and does a lot of cleaning and cooking so Mommy and Daddy have time to play with me when they get home. She is an absolute blessing to all of us. Even Scout and Lucy get extra treats when Ms. Sara is around.

Ms. Sara keeps me busy and writes everything down so Mommy and Daddy know what I eat, how long I nap and how many dirty diapers they didn't have to change while they were gone. We have a lot of fun during the days.

We start out our mornings with a walk around the block.

Ms. Sara's house is right across the street. She says it is the best commute she has ever had. She always has her flag out and is famous for her wreaths on the front door.

She has a greenhouse attached to her house so we go over and she teaches me about plants.

While it may appear that I just sit around while she holds me, feeds me and pushes me in the stroller, it isn't a free ride with Ms. Sara. She puts me to work and makes sure I earn my keep. This day I was in charge of watering the flowers.

Ms. Sara discovers all sorts of new quirks about me. It just so happens that I really, really like to have water sprayed in my mouth.
This day she discovered that I could stand up in my crib when I woke up from my nap.

We both love hats, sunglasses and necklaces so Ms. Sara got me my own necklace that matches one that she has so we can dress up together.

She brought over a halloween tin and taught me how to use a spoon to make a lot of noise with it. Scout thinks there are treats in the tin because he is always around when I play with it.

A lot of the pictures on my blog are taken by Ms. Sara. She is really good about taking lots of pictures so Mommy and Daddy don't miss out on the action. This was my 8 month birthday!

We have a lot of fun dress up days. This was beach day.

This was Steve Job's memorial day. Thanks for the iPad and Facetime!

I don't remember which day this was but it shows how much fun we have spending time together. I am so thankful for everything that she does for our family.

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