Sunday, September 30, 2012

Summer 2012

I need a hat and sunglasses for our walks now that it is summer
We headed up to the cottage to visit family and hang out on the river
I started trying on Daddy's shoes and could actually walk in them 
Playing in the tubes with cousin Nora before a trip down the river 
Rehydrating after a hot afternoon.  It was hotter in Michigan than it was in Houston for several weeks this summer. 
My first taste of Spanky's breadsticks on our picnic at Fremont Lake Park.  It was love at first bite.   
Our neighbor raises chickens and turkeys and the turkeys came over for a visit 
We set up indoor tents for the cousins to sleep in while they stayed for an overnight visit.  Daddy and I had to try them out to make sure there was plenty of room. 
Daddy tried to take a nap but I wasn't tired. 
Waving at tubers as they floated by. 
Walking back up to the house with Mommy.  I really improved my walking this summer, especially on uneven ground. 
Milk in one hand and water in the other.  It was a hot and dry summer in Michigan. 
Hapa came over to help us replace the old, sqeeky staircase.  The new one looks fantastic and is so quiet that Mommy and Daddy can walk upstairs without waking me up. 
Tia made several visits to see me this summer. 
Stretching out my hamstrings. 
My hair grew a lot this summer and I can wear pigtails now. 
My dexterity is improving and I can put on my own sunglasses 
I can even brush my own teeth 
Was there ever a question? 
I'm coming to get you! 
Cousin Sophia taught me that if I smile and wear pigtails I can get anything I want. 
All ready for an afternoon at the pool. 
Dressing up Scout. 
Trying on Mommy's shoes now.  I have a major love affair with shoes. 
I have learned that during meal time I have complete control over Scout. 
Hamming it up with Mommy.

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