Sunday, October 14, 2012

Fun at the Houston Zoo

The Houston Zoo was our first family outing since Alex was born. 
Oooh I love the bears.  I am really good at ROARING if you ask me what sound a bear makes. 
I can also ROAR if you ask me what sound a lion makes.  I really enjoy ROARING. 
Daddy points out a monkey in the tree and I respond with ooh ooh ooh. 
My impression of an orangutan. 
The real deal.  It was a hot day so this one just laid around and didn't swing at all.
On our second trip to the zoo it was cold so we all had to put on hats and long sleeves. 
It was 53 degrees but I'm wrapped up like it was supposed to snow. 
I like to make sounds like an elephant and pretend my arm is a trunk and swing it around. 
Grandma Smith bought me this Okapai doll the day I was born.  Here we are with a real Okapai. 
Today we went to visit the giraffes and this one came right up to the fence so we could get a close look. 
Mommy and I had a lot of fun watching the giraffes.

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