Sunday, October 7, 2012

Life as a big sister

Have I told you how much I love being a big sister? 
Rounding up Lucy 
It might look like a choke hold but I call it a really big hug 
See I even give my dolls big hugs 
Mom and Dad were wasting their time cutting the kernals off the cob.  I'll take the whole ear please. 
The best part about a little brother are all his sassies laying around the house.  I sneak a suck on them from time to time for old times sake. 
My first introduction into static electricity. 
Listening to the book the Hama recorded for me. 
Practicing reading on my own. 
Ms. Sara taught me how to wash the windows.  
I successfully got Tia's shoes on but I had a tough time walking in them.  
Pants aren't just for bottoms anymore. 
Aunt Mary brought me over a whole tray of watermelon because she knows how much I love it. 
The Malicki family came over to visit us when Tia and Uncle Joe were in Houston. 
Uncle Joe did a really good job of reading me my bedtime stories. 
I'm really into shoes and will try on any pair big or small. 
Ms. Kay and I had a Hawaiian luau. 
Alex and I doubled up at the doctor.  I got two shots but he was lucky and didn't get any this time. 
Another day another pair of shoes. 
Aunt Leslie came to visit and read a lot of books to me. 
I gave up the bouncy seat over a year ago but rediscovered how much fun it is to play in. 
Here is a fun picture of me and Hama when she came down to visit after Alex was born. 
Ms. Sara bought me a cape that I run around the house with and pretend I'm flying. 
This is my Chris Farley impression of Fat Guy in a Little Coat using the 3 month sized onsie that Tia sent Alex. 

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