Sunday, March 13, 2011

My first days at home

One more blood test from my heel assured the doctor that I was healthy enough to head home

Dad carefully strapped me into my car seat for the short drive home

Scout and Lucy were the first to greet me when I arrived

Scout was very curious about me and all the noises that I make

After a good night sleep Mom put me into my pink monkey outfit with my new hat

I had a check up at my pediatrician that first morning. The nurse took my temperature and I showed my displeasure by pooping on Dad.

Mom does such a good job of calming me down and getting me to sleep

Grandpa and Grandma Smith took me out for my first walk in the stroller

Scout and Lucy hang out while Mom burps me after breakfast

Dad thought it was pretty funny how I draped myself over Mom's shoulder

Dad bundled me up in the stroller and took me out for a walk with Scout so Mom could take a nap

Mom and I pose by the flower beds that Dad and Grandpa prepped and planted while I was at the hospital.

Scout keeps a close eye on me in my bouncy chair

My first puke

Fast asleep in my bassinet

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  1. Oh Quinn, you are SO CUTE! Your mom and dad have the best blogs!
    Thanks for taking so many photos of her and posting her darling events of the first week of life! Happy almost 1 week birthday tomorrow!!