Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A busy first week

Who will visit me today?
I just love spending time with Grandpa and Grandma Smith

Grandma holds me as I model my new Hawaiian hat that Aunt Laura Lynn made for me

Arms up! Grandpa and I are doing our exercises

Hama shows up on Saturday and can't wait to get her hands on me

She doesn't even put me down for dinner. I think she really likes me a lot!

Staring at Mom after I threw up on her.

Playing with my new tummy time mat from Rita

My first diaper blow out. Yuck!

I am so content sleeping the afternoon away

My due date was on Hama's b-day but I came a week early so I was able to attend the birthday bash. Pecan pie from Goode and Co. is the best!

I got Hama a massage just in case her shoulders get sore from holding me so much

Sitting indian style in my bouncy seat
Rocking out my new sunglasses from Dani

Hama and Mom make sure the water is the perfect temperature for my first bath

Ah that feels good to get cleaned up

Dad takes his turn scrubbing my pits

Dad likes to come home at lunch to hang out with me and has a hard time going back to the office

My first smile! :)


  1. Fabulous photos. LOVE the first smile - you are going to be a dazzler!! And your first blow-out - Good job, honey!! Can't wait to meet you!!

    p.s. Soph got to look at these with me. Her favorite picture is where you are wearing those cute sunglasses. She can't wait to hold you this summer in Michigan!!

  2. What a great first week. Keep documenting all of the special moments. They pass too quickly! ENJOY!

  3. These photos are so great!!! And the captions too. Makes me feel like I was right there :) And I will be soon! Get ready for some auntie lovin!

    Great posts, Dave and Jen!