Saturday, February 9, 2013

Happy New Year!

 Ms. Kay took me to the Natural History Museum and Butterfly Gardens.  Here is a giant tarantula that eats birds. 
 We ate lunch and tried to find all the butterflies on our chart.
 Dinasour bones!  I was amazed and couldn't get enough of them.
 Where do I fit in?
 Greg stopped by to read me one last story before he does his year long world tour.  I hope he sends some postcards!
 Dressing up and dancing :)
 I am getting really good at stacking these blocks that the Hoekerts gave me.
 Scout and I are in a staring contest.
 Texas born but still a Spartan fan.
 Ms. Sara brought me a whistle, football bead necklace and a football hat for Super Bowl weekend. 
 Practicing standing like a meerkat from the zoo.
 Heading out for a walk on a cool morning with my owl hat from Aunt Angela.
 I really love playing at the park.
 As soon as Alex can walk we will be partners in crime.
 I love hugs from Mommy
A monarch butterfly flew inside our screen porch one afternoon while we were playing.

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