Saturday, February 9, 2013

November 2012

 Sunglasses and a stuffed animal under each arm.  Life doesn't get any better!
 Mommy puts curlers in her hair so she let me give it a shot too.
 Still working on the potty chair. 
 I like to try on all of Mommy's different glasses.
 Ms. Kay is really brave and finger paints with me.
 Pure joy of playing outside.
 Ms. Kay's fiance Nate is awesome.  He comes over and takes us to lunch and plays catch with me.
 Steve and Debbie let us borrow their bouncy castle so we set it up in the living room and bounced until we couldn't stand up. 
 Hurray for Mommy and Alex!
I adore Nate.  He took us to the Children's museum and showed me how to drive a truck. 
 Ms. Kay lets us go shopping at the pretend store in the museum.
 Pucker up fishy.
 I'm brave enough to go down the slides on my own now.
 I used to be able to fit in this swing.
 Playing at the playground in our neighborhood.
I really like the swings.
 Who is that pretty girl in the window?
 Daddy's thanksgiving picture with the kids turned ugly.
 We had our turkey dinner as a picnic in the backyard.
 Kisses for Daddy.
 The day after Thanksgiving we put up the Christmas tree.
 I got some early presents so I could practice unwrapping and saying thank you.
 I got a tent for my bedroom. 
Riding the carosel at the mall after getting pictures taken with Santa for the Christmas card.

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